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Friday, April 19, 2013

Hai Guys Saksikanlah Movie Cinderella Man pada pukul Selasa 23 April 2013, Pukul 01.15 WIB Hanya DI RCTI

 Cinderella Man menceritakan tentang America in the Depression era around the 1930s. A man named Jim Braddock must work helter-skelter to support his wife and several children but still did not forget his dream to return to his beloved world of boxing that already.

As a result of unexpected luck, Braddock could climb into the ring and faced a boxer who was ranked the two worlds. Beyond the predictions of many people, Braddock wins in the third round duel. After the sensational duel, he was often in the ring and even lighter weight than the opponent and often injured hand, Braddock was able to win the duel.

Find a hero in the uncertain economic situation, Braddock became the idol of millions of Americans with the nickname Cinderella Man ​​and ultimately have to deal with the toughest opponent of his career: Max Baer, the heavyweight champion of the world are said to have made ​​two opponents were killed in the ring.

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