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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

U.S. officials said the explosion at the Boston Marathon as a bomb attack. Two explosions stop the Boston Marathon, Monday (04/15/2013) afternoon local time, two people have been reported killed. CNN
Obama: We Will Find Anyone Culprit!
JFK Library, Third Explosion Location in Boston
States Increase Security Following the explosion at the Boston Marathon
Two killed in explosion had Boston Marathon
Two explosions Stop Boston Marathon
BOSTON, - Boston Marathon is an annual concert in the capital of Massachusetts, United States, to commemorate Patriot Day. Who presume, in honor of the heroes ended with the bloody incident on Monday (15/04/2013) afternoon.

In Boston, Patriot Day was declared a holiday. This memorial is to commemorate the opening battle of the American Revolution, which took place at Lexington and Concord on 19 April 1775. Scheduled day off every Monday in each year closest to April 19. On that day, the event certainly held Boston Marathon.

Besides being a historical reminder, Patriot Day and the Boston Marathon has become an annual tour packages that bring a lot of tourists and revenue to Boston. Every year, thousands of people will flock crowded Lexington and Concord Road, and went to Minute Man National Historical Park.

Previously, at the weekend, Boston will be enlivened with a variety-filled parade rerupa-colonial era military uniforms and military paraphernalia reminiscent of referral warning.

During the Patriot's Day, many schools and businesses closed services. Many people even take the day off to participate or watch the Boston Marathon.

Boston Marathon 26.2 miles the route, along the edge of the city of Boston. Michael Cedrone, who grew up in Boston but now lives in McLean, said all schools were closed on the day of the memorial.

"My father was a firefighter at a fire station large Newton located in Commonwealth Avenue, along the route (Boston Marathon). He works or not, we will go there, and all the firefighters child can sit on top of the truck ( fire) to watch the race. they (firefighters) will put the truck (fire) on both sides of the road to serve all residents of the city without having to cross the race track, "said Cedrone. This custom ended after it was decided that the presence of children in the truck will slow response officer when there is a call.

Todd Ringer, who also lived along the route of the marathon in Boston, said the citizens of cooking barbecue and party will take place throughout the Patriot Day commemoration. "(Explosion) It's very bad," said Ringler.

All the wonderful memories devastated Patriot Day, Monday (15/04/2013). Two explosions near the finish line of the race disperse the annual volatility. Two people were killed and more than 100 people were reported injured in the incident, including eight children. The third explosion occurred at the John F Kennedy Presidential Library, in the same city, even though the police had defused two other explosives after the first two explosions.
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